We will provide you with an on-site hardware analysis, recommending upgrades or replacements as necessary.

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We offer customized network management packages, as well as our most popular business packages.

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Fully Managed Services

Our technicians will monitor and manage every aspect of your network, from the desktop to the router.

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American Tech

No more talking to someone overseas! All of our techs operate out of our central offices on Long Island, NY.

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Our Experience

We're very well trained and experienced.
  • Network Protection

    We ensure that hacking into your network will be harder than entering Fort Knox

  • Custom Packages

    You get what you pay for, but you only have to pay for what you need

  • On-Site Analysis

    We assess your computer and network needs at your business, it’s the only way to build what you need.

  • Hardware Installation

    All routers, backups and network cables professionally installed by us.

  • US-Based Support

    We don’t outsource your support, we “insource” to ourselves.

  • Nightly Data Backup

    Rest easy, while you sleep we backup your business for real peace of mind

  • Monthly Tune-Up

    You tune up your car so it runs perfectly, we do the same for your network once a month

  • Scheduled Maintenance

    We come to your site periodically to make sure your equipment won’t fail you.